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Mar 06

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Icicle's New CEO Says Wild Salmon Sales Can Still Flourish

by Aasgard Summit

Speaking to Petersburg’s Chamber of Commerce on Feb. 25th, 2017 CEO Glenn Cooke of farmed seafood giant, Cooke Aquaculture, says wild salmon sales can flourish in the hands of his company. The business purchased Icicle Seafoods, one of Alaska’s main seafood processors, last summer. Farmed seafood still isn’t popular in the fishing town of Petersburg where bumper stickers say, “Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat Farmed Salmon.” However, when CEO Glenn Cooke spoke at the annual Chamber of Commerce dinner, Petersburg residents–including fishermen—were more welcoming.

“I believe the Alaskan wild salmon has an incredible place in the marketplace,” Cooke said. “It’s a product that needs to be promoted. It needs to get huge coverage. The product is an incredible product and should be respected as that in the marketplace and we plan on doing that as a company. And we believe working together with the farm product on the side enables us to be able to position that right with the retailers so they can get the premium and the benefit of what the wild should bring.”

Cooke says he wants his company to become a seafood company not just an aquaculture company.  Purchasing Icicle Seafoods, Inc. last summer brings them closer to that goal. Icicle is the largest private employer in the town of Petersburg, drawing around 600 workers to its local cannery in the summer fishing season. The company began in Petersburg in 1965 and was owned by local fishermen before it sold to a private investment firm which eventually sold to Cooke Aquaculture.  Cooke says he’s a very hands-on CEO who invested in Icicle because he liked their people. “Before we bought Icicle and I toured the communities and the plants and met the people, I was impressed with the people. And in the end it’s the people that you invest in and I’m very excited.”

Read the entire article at: https://www.kfsk.org/2017/03/02/icicles-new-ceo-says-wild-salmon-place-farmed-salmon-business/

Angela Denning, KFSK

March 2, 2017

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